High performing, chlorine-free, sustainably made with FSC certified pulp.

Our baby diapers offer 12-hour leak-proof protection to keep your baby’s bum dry all day and night.

Made with ultra-soft, cloth-like, premium fiber material to keep your baby comfortable 24/7.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Lana Katrunova

Super duper

Cara Geertsema

Best diapers

Julie A.
Offspring diapers

Love these diapers. I tried 4 or 5 different types of eco friendly diapers and offspring ones are the best for us. They're soft and fit very well, our boy doesn't get diaper rash, and the blowouts are significantly less! Definitely recommend these to my friends.

Ron Andrew

Great diapers for my little one. Supports and holds in moisture. Recommend this to everyone.

Nance H
New favorite diapers

Love these, so soft! These fit my large baby (93% weight, 85% height) and she loves them. The prints are darling too

Frequently Asked Questions

Our diapers are generally sized bigger and in between sizes of the usual conventional brands. We recommend you to refer our sizing chart and choose the size based on your baby’s current weight. If you have any questions about sizing, you may contact our friendly customer service at support@offspringus.com and we are happy to assist you.
Wrong sizing, such as too loose or too tight in any area will cause issues like leakages, blowouts and rashes. For instance, if you chose a size bigger than your baby should be wearing, there is high chance of leakages or blowouts. Over sizing issue indications: Leaking from the side or any parts of the diaper and the diaper is not fully absorbed and light. Diaper is pulled above the belly button and high waist. Under sizing issue indications: Overflow urine from a fully absorbed diaper. High content of moisture cause rashes as the capacity of absorbency has max out causing wetness on the topsheet. Skin irritation , redness around the thighs and waist. Diaper sits maxed below the belly button A good diaper fit indications: - Snug fit, sit comfortably on the baby's waists and thighs - front part of the diaper sits on top of your baby's belly's button.
The waistband plays an important role in keeping your baby’s diaper snuggly fit while feeling comfortable at the same time. A super stretchy waistband helps with the following: Prevents blowouts from the back of your baby’s bottom, keeps poo in place without leaking out of the back of baby’s waist, and allows for a snug fit that is flexible enough to cater to your baby’s expanding belly after feeding.
You should upsize your baby’s diapers when you notice the following: the diaper is filling up quickly as compared to when baby was smaller, diapers are beginning to leak, the elastic band has expanded to the max stretch and is tight on your baby’s waist, or when the diaper is sitting below your baby’s belly button.
Our diaper pants are suitable for active babies who are crawling, scooting, standing, and rolling. Babies as young as 6-8 months old will usually start wearing our smallest Medium (M) sized diaper pants.
Our diapers do not have a wetness indicator because the ingredients required to produce a wetness indicator are not in-line with our natural and eco-friendly diaper standards.
It is not our usual practice to claim or to encourage parents to prolong wearing of disposable diapers. Although our baby diapers are able to last overnight, we always encourage parents to change your baby’s diaper regularly during the day to avoid rashes and bacterial or yeast irritations which happens due to prolonged exposure of baby’s urine directly on the skin.
Our chlorine-free baby diapers Made with a patented dual-absorbent core technology from Japan that is designed to lockdown urine and moisture rapidly while keeping your baby's skin dry and comfortable for a longer period. Our baby diapers can last for long hours and definitely is fine for over night use.
We do not have overnight diapers as our diapers are able to last overnight. Our patented dual core absorbency layers are made efficient for superior absorbency and at the same time, bulk-free, and suitable to be worn day and night.
We carefully select the best materials from around the world. These locations include Japan, Europe, and the USA.
Our baby diapers manufactured in an ISO 9001 clean room facility and are comply with the requirements under the U.S Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (16 CFR Part 1610). The ink used on the diaper has passed the California Prop65 test and meets the requirements of the lead content of children’s products required by Section 101 of the CPSIA of 2008.
We are proud that all of our products are certified by leading environmental intuitions parties. You may check out our certifications here
No. All of our products are certified Cruelty-Free.
Offspring products are designed with care by parents to parents. Our products are crafted using our team’s extensive knowledge and experience with developing safe, effective, and high-quality products using state-of-the-art innovation without compromising on sustainability or mother nature. We work closely with our experts all over the world to source the best materials and ingredients. Our team of organic chemists and aromatherapists in Australia develop our products in accordance with the strict guidelines of Ecocert Cosmos Organic certifications and guidelines. All of our products meet eco-friendly environmental standards and are audited strictly for their quality. We continue to prioritize safety certifications to earn the confidence of parents around the world with honesty and integrity.