Chlorine-free pulp, super absorbent polymer, polypropylene (core wrap, fastening system, cuff barrier layer), non-toxic adhesive (seams & joints), polymer spandex (leg elastic & fastening system), ultra-breathable polyethylene film, polypropylene non-woven topsheet, inks free from lead and other heavy metals for external printed design.
Hypoallergenic and Dermatologically-Tested
Chlorine-Free, Made with FSC® Certified sustainable pulp
Latex-Free and Rubber-Free
Fragrance-Free and Lotion-Free
No optical brightener
No Animal Testing
Frequently Asked Questions
When is the right for my baby to switch to diaper pants?
Diaper pants are suitable for babies who start to crawl and stand, as it is fuss-free and easily glide-on to active babies
How to choose the right size?
Our packaging declared sizing is true to size based on your baby's existing weight in pounds (lbs). You can select the right size based on the size indicator on our packaging and website.
Can wrong size cause any issue?
 Too loose or too tight in any area will cause issues like leakages, blowouts and rashes. For instance, if you chosen a size bigger than your baby should be wearing, there is high chance of leakages or blowouts. The pattern of leakages such as – leaking from the side, and any corner when the diaper is still remain dry and empty. This can be indicating that you’ve chosen the wrong size (bigger) size that your baby should be wearing.

If in the event you’ve chosen the smaller size which your baby should be wearing, you might experience leakages when the diaper is overflow, rashes appear on your baby skin due to fullness / high level of moist as the capacity of the diaper has been over the limit that it should be for the baby, or skin irritation (too tight).

A good diaper fit should be snug fit and sit comfortably on the baby’s waists and thighs. Tips: A good fit should show that the frontal part of the diaper sits on top of the baby’s belly button. If the diaper is oversized, often it will be worn way high from the belly button, or if it’s undersized, it will be worn below the belly button.
Is elastic waistband important?
Of course! It does make a difference!
The waistband plays an important role to keep your baby snug fit and comfortable at the same time, it also prevent blowout from the back of your baby’s bottom.
Does the sticker on diaper pants indicated front OR back?
The toss tab sticker is located at the back of the diaper pants. It is used to seal the soiled diaper for easy disposal.
Do your diapers come with wetness indicator?
Our diapers do not come with wetness indicator as the ingredient currently used to make a wetness indicator are not in line with our standards. However, we always strive to source the best and safest materials and definitely will look into safer way of wetness indicator in near future.
Is your diaper able to absorb over 10 hours?
It is not our usual practice to claim / encourage parents to prolong wearing of disposable diaper. Though our fashion diapers are able to last overnight, we always encourage parents to change your baby’s diaper regularly during the day to avoid rashes and bacterial irritation due to prolong exposure or baby’s urine direct on the skin.
How absorbent are your diapers?
Our chlorine-free diapers made with patented double layer absorbent core technology, that able to lock-down urine and moist quickly while keeping your baby’s skin dry and comfortable for longer period of time.
Are your diapers biodegradable?
While there is no disposable diaper is 100% biodegradable or compostable, This is because the absorbent polymer used in a diaper to perform as absorbency function is not biodegradable.
Offspring chlorine-free diapers has been certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) C149807 for the materials used from sustainable forest.
Where are your diapers material come from?
We strive to provide you the best materials. Our materials are sourced globally from Japan, Korea, Europe, and US