Offspring Diaper Ingredients

Totally chloride-free wood fluff pulp, super absorbent polymer, polypropylene (core wrap, fastening system, cuff barrier layer), non-toxic adhesive (seams & joints), polymer spandex (leg elastic & fastening system), ultra-breathable polyethylene film, polypropylene non-woven top sheet, inks free from lead and other heavy metals for external printed design.

Our diapers are designed to provide superior softness and exceptional absorbency while being eco-conscious and completely safe for babies. The absorbent core is fluff-pulp without any chlorine-bleaching. We use only caring materials such as breathable polyethylene back-sheet film, ultra dry top sheet, non-chloride wood fluff pulp, latex-free polymer spandex, super stretch elastic waist for more comfortable fit – this makes it suitable for baby’s stomach expansion after milk! We also pay attention to details such as using only Velcro tape with rounded edges to ensure baby’s sensitive skin is not scratched, and ensuring no optical brighteners are used in the diaper design – these bleaching agents are harmful to baby’s skin. Additionally, the ink we use for our prints is free from lead and heavy metals. Finally, our diapers do not contain any fragrances, dyes or lotions, all of which may trigger allergies and sensitivity on your little one’s skin.