Family Owned Company: Made By Parents For Parents

We are a parent-owned and parent-operated company that makes certified safe products for our customers' children because we want better for our own. Offspring is honest about our claims and we back them up with honorable certifications from credible authorities. Offspring is a mom-founded company that strives to partner with other like-minded moms around the world to distribute natural products. Our company is so much more than diapers, wipes, and essentials - it has become a source of friendship between moms who want to provide superior quality products so babies are only exposed to safe ingredients for the health of the planet and future generations.

We are a parent-owned and parent-operated company full of moms and dads who know what it's like to walk in your shoes. We use our experience with our family to determine what products we would want for our own children, and then pass that along to yours.

If we wouldn't use something for our babies, we wouldn't sell it for to yours. We are proud to share Offspring with you - the products, the parenting journey, and the love for all things pure.  

Welcome To Our Family!


We're A Family Business


We're husband and wife team Joey and Kelsey DeGaeta working together with our two girls Jocelynn and Logan.

Ever since knowing I was going to be a mom I became consumed with the big responsibility of finding the best products for our family. I spent my pregnancy researching every product on the market, and this is when I really began to value all-natural and organic brands because I know that every product our family uses makes a huge impact on our health and the planet.

I only want to use the purest products on our daughters' delicate skin. I discovered the Offspring brand when I was pregnant with our second daughter Logan when I was searching for natural diapers with cute prints after discovering that the leading brand I was using was not so honest about their claims of being natural. What is more important than the quality of the diaper my baby wears? After all, it's the one and only thing that touches their skin 24/7 - so I want it to have the cleanest ingredients.

After learning that Offspring is guaranteed honest about their claims and they back them up with honorable certifications from credible authorities, I felt so at ease knowing I could finally trust a brand to be as good as they claim to be. I was sad to find out that I couldn't order these amazing products because Offspring is an Australian brand and wasn't yet distributed in the USA. With our family's 30 year history in distribution, I contacted them to see if they would choose us to be their US distributor. A dream was born that day that I might be the mom who would bring this amazing brand to the United States.

I was elated to find out that Offspring is a mom-founded company that strives to partner with other like-minded moms around the world to distribute Offspring products. Offspring is so much more than diapers, wipes, and essentials for me - it has become a source of friendship between moms who want to share Offspring across the globe to improve the products that our babies are exposed to for the health of the planet and future generations.

This brand is backed by a group of moms who are honest, loyal, compassionate, and generous. I am so proud to partner with women of integrity as we spread the love of this amazing brand that was created to set a new standard in natural-ingredient products.

I feel like this opportunity to work with this company is heaven-sent for me, and God has had his hand in the entire process of us meeting and working together to spread the Offspring Love to other parents.

I am so grateful that you have found our brand and decided to become part of our growing family and community.


Little Things Matter


At Offspring, we care about your little one and all the little things in between.

Even the smallest choices we make today as parents can have a long-lasting impact on our babies and the environment. Little things like choosing biodegradable wipes, organic skincare or eco-friendly diapers actually matter more than you think.

That’s why every decision we make as a brand – starting from the ingredients we choose, or omit, all the way down to our certifications and the materials involved in our packaging – is birthed out of a genuine love for all babies, parents, and Mother Nature.

A baby’s skin is 6 times more delicate than an adult’s, so it requires extra care, protection, and attention to what we expose it to. We promise to protect your baby by providing products that don’t contain unnecessary chemicals that will pose health risks on your child. We choose top quality organic ingredients to make sure even babies with sensitive skin will be comfortable using our products!

We can’t change the world in the blink of an eye, but we can take baby steps together towards a better and brighter tomorrow. Will you join us?

What Matters To Us

Your baby
We care about your baby. That’s why we spend years researching the best ingredients for your baby’s overall safety and wellbeing, even going the extra mile to get our products certified – just so your little one gets the very best.
Yes, YOU! You matter to us, and so do your interests, hobbies, passions and pursuits before you became a parent.
Mother Nature
This world isn’t just for us, it’s for our kids. Every ingredient and material used is backed by an eco-conscious effort to preserve the environment, and we don’t test on animals because we love them too.
All parents
We wish we could give all moms and dads out there a big hug. But until then, we’ve created platforms to remind every parent that they are not alone in this journey.

Making A Promise & Keeping It:

Stricter Than A Tiger Mom
We’re moms, too! So we get it. From the sourcing of ingredients, to our manufacturing processes, or the selection of adhesives and material, to product testing and even packaging, we don’t stop until we feel it’s good enough for the fussiest, most sensitive, most obsessive parents - us!
A Labor Of Love Inside & Out
All Offspring products are safe and sustainable, in every way we can think of: absolutely family-friendly, non-toxic, earth-conscious products that support social wellness, that don’t deplete forest resources and that are biodegradable.
A Matter of Convenience

We can’t stand running out of diapers for our babies either! So we’ve provided customizable buying options with you in mind. From offering single packs to full subscription bundles, we have you covered!


We don’t compromise when it comes to the safety, integrity and effectiveness of our products – our certifications are proof of that.
We strive to create the safest, most natural, most nurturing personal care products for the whole family. We would never compromise on quality, sustainability and integrity – even if it means taking years to bring a product to market. We care, not just for human beings, but for every living thing – and we believe in being good in every way to consumers, communities and Mother
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