We offer subscriptions in our bundles. You may subscribe to our discounted bundles and get more further savings.  


1) How do i pause, adjust or cancel my order?    

You may login to your admin dashboard and make any necessary changes on your subscription. You can change the date, pause for a period of time, or even cancel your subscription anytime.        

2) When does my subscription expire?    

Our subscriptions are automatically billed each month, until you opt-out. There is no set expiration date.          

3) When will my subscription automatically renew?    

You can set the frequency that the subscription to be billed. Our options are once every 1 to 9 weeks.          

4) Can i purchase the subscription as gift for someone else?  

Yes. You can use your credit card and billing address for payment information, and the recipient's shipping address. We do not offer Gift Card at the moment.