NOURISHING BABY LOTION 100ml / 3.38 fl oz

Our nourishing baby lotion is easily absorbed and non greasy, with high content of organic Aloe Vera Juice that keeps skin naturally soothing and supple, with organic blend of olive fruit oil, calendula flower and chamomile flower oil.

Gentle, moisturizing and soothing. Made suitable for baby’s sensitive skin, including the face.

For extra moisturizing boost, blend lotion with our wonder oil.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Offspring nourishing baby lotion is made with four (4) key ingredients. Aloe vera juice, Calendula flower oil, Chamomile flower extract and Shea nut butter. These ingredients have high moisturizing content and soothe sensitive skin. Offspring nourishing baby lotion going beyond the requirements of Ecocert Cosmos Standard, with at least 81.9% of the total ingredients are from organic farming, and over 99.0% of the total ingredients are from natural origins.
Yes, definitely! It’s designed to be safe on skin, even on the face, from newborn to adults.
We designed our baby lotion to be able to stay moisturize on the skin, while keeping skin supple and non-greasy. The texture is concentrated during rubbing. Hence you may apply a small amount of our baby lotion, rub the same direction on your skin, repeat few rounds to get the lotion fully absorbed into the skin. Once it’s absorbed into the skin, usually it stays there 24 hours, if there is no in touch with water or cleansing on the skin.
All organic and natural skincare, which made without artificial chemicals, turn colour subject to weather and storing, and temperature condition. However, it is still safe to use even though the colour of the lotion has turned slightly brownish. The colour of the product varies according to the batch of harvested organic framing plants. Since we do not add any colouring on the formulation, there are situation whereby you might notice the colour are different from the previous batch – which is perfectly normal. We only provide the purest, organic ingredients from organic harvested plants to make our products. All our products undergo Stability Test and P.E.T testing to ensure they are safe for consumers and able to withstand high temperatures.
Our products have a 2-year expiration date of manufacture and 6 months period of use, once opened within this 2-year date. Offspring baby bath and skincare does not use any harmful and controversial preservatives, that often used to extend the shelf life of skincare products. We only use natural-based preservatives that all globally approved by Ecocert COSMOS. To ensure best quality to use, it is important to ensure you store the product correctly, keep it sealed when not in use, and out of direct heat and sunlight.
Offspring products only uses natural or organic essential oils. The scent from the products are originally from the essential oils and we never use any synthetic artificial fragrance. We believe in providing the purest skin products for the babies. We blend essential oils into our products from aromatherapy standpoint, and also for their specific skin benefits. The amount of essential oils used in our baby products are according to the Australia aromatherapy standards, that the amount used has not to be overpower that causes any skin irritations.
NEVER! We love animals, and will never test on them. And we go so far as to ensure that all of our partners, in every level of production, manufacturing or sourcing, do the same. Offspring conducts no product testing on animals, as all the ingredients are safe and certified as ‘food grade’. We test all prototype products first on ourselves, then on our families and friends, all on a voluntary basis. If a new product does not pass our strict standards, it does not make it to the marketplace. We are also certified by Leaping Bunny which means that not only do we not test our products on animals, but we have confirmed that none of our raw material suppliers test their ingredients on animals either.