The Mom Behind The Offspring Brand

The Mom Behind The Offspring Brand

Hi, I'm Kelsey DeGaeta! Your US Distributor of Offspring products. I'm the mom of two girls: 3 year old Jocelynn and 6 month old Logan, and wife of Joey who I've been friends with since middle school but didn't date until college and married two years after graduation in Jamaica where we conceived Jocelynn, our honeymoon baby! 

Behind The Scenes 

I think it's amazing when brands share behind the scenes and you get to know the family behind the company. I love when they share the day to day operations of running their business and raising their family, so it's my goal to be as open about that as possible. It's an intimidating process to begin! I'm definitely camera shy, and have always shown my kids in videos rather than my "selfie," so whenever I turn my phone around from my children onto my face I quickly close out and think "nobody wants to see that!" But I also realize that's usually exactly what a lot of people DO want to see from the brands they follow: the realness, messiness, and honesty that reminds us we are all human. 

Let Me Try To Introduce Myself

I'm not a girly person, so my makeup is rarely on and my hair is almost never done. When I run a "cost/benefit analysis" for the tasks I have to accomplish in the day, spending the time to do these things just doesn't feel worth it to me! I never feel like I have the time to focus on myself, and that's just a side effect of this motherhood and entrepreneurial journey I'm on. If you see me, I hope you won't judge me by my appearance which will almost always be as natural as our products with no makeup and hair up. Even on my wedding day I didn't get professional hair or makeup done, and the hair went up as soon as the dancing began! And my "something blue" was turquoise nail polish that I had done too soon and was chipping before I walked down the isle. I keep things pretty simple: you'll find me wearing the same pair of sandals until they wear out or break and I go find a replacement. And I would choose comfort over style any day of the week for my clothing. Before I had kids, my friend's toddler asked me "why are you wearing your pajamas?" because I had leggings on, and it ALMOST made me start dressing with more style... almost. 

I'm a Libra and Enneagram 6: The Loyalist, who is happiest when traveling and exploring new places, but I have a deep-rooted need to feel safe and secure, so I have stayed living in my home town near family where we all work together in our businesses. As a person (and a mom), I'm never perfect, but always trying by best. I'm not always confident, but I never give up. I'm flawed, but real and vulnerable. I struggle, but I'm open and honest. I'm impatient, but can also take forever to make the "perfect" decision. I'm stubborn in my beliefs, because I will think about something as deeply as possible before taking a stance, but I'm also open minded and welcoming to new perspectives. I wear my heart on my sleeve and my feelings on my face, so I can't  hide how I feel and it's hard for me to keep my thoughts to myself. I'm an open book, and I've learned that not everyone is comfortable with me being so forward. I'm fascinated by psychology, personalities, and relationships. I feel deeply and take things a little too seriously sometimes. I'm grateful for my husband Joey who is more carefree and positive so he balances me out somewhat!

I've really discovered myself since becoming a mom and I've grown in so many ways that I'll forever be grateful for. It's been an opportunity to really work on the parts of myself that I'm not proud of so that my kids will get the best parts of me. Motherhood has taught me the importance of patience, endurance, empathy, kindness, and that you don't always know the BEST thing. Sometimes all you can do is make the best choice given the options you're dealt with. This has opened my eyes and my heart to not be quick to judge others. I've done things that I used to swear I'd "never do when I have kids." This has taught me to never to say never again, and not to judge anyone else for the choices they make whether it be in parenting or otherwise. I grew up surrounded by peers who were very judgemental of me and others that they met, and it created a lot of insecurities and self consciousness in myself. In adulthood I've realized that those who are quick to judge are struggling with their own pain and it's more of a reflection of themselves than anything I've done. I want to raise my girls to treat others with the kindness and acceptance that I so strongly craved to get from others when I was a child. Raising girls, I think it's so important to teach them about "mean girls" and how not to be one, stand up against them, and not accept that behavior when they see it. After all, guilt by association is a real thing! Being a girl is tough, but it doesn't have to be, if we teach our girls to support other girls and only speak positively about others. I've been very strict about who my girls grow up around because I know that they will become what they see, and it's very important to me that they have the best role models possible. 

Parenting has challenged me to look at myself and ask if I would want my babies to grow up to be like me or not. And honestly, sometimes the answer has been no and those are the parts of me that I work really hard on every day to get better at so I am a good example to them. Parenting keeps my attitude and my words in check because my dad has always said "more is caught than is taught." I can talk to them about manners, kindness, and morals until I'm blue in the face, but they're going to become what they see from me instead. It's humbling to witness every little thing a toddler picks up from the environment and to see little habits forming to which we'll say sarcastically "wonder where she got THAT from?!" Spoiler alert... US!

I'm never going to be a perfect example all of the time, but I appreciate this parenting journey keeping me in check and constantly challenging me to improve myself. If we are intentional with ourselves, that's the best we can do. I think if we can look at the people we meet and the businesses we support with this level of understanding and human appreciation for the fact that we are all just doing our best and want what is best for our families, then we can live much more intentionally and teach our children to live a life of kindness and acceptance of others. After all, there's still a little kid inside all of us with the utmost need to be accepted and loved. 

If you've made it this far, thank you for reading this beginning introduction. I wasn't sure what parts of me to share with you today, because how do you begin to tell your story when there's so much that makes up a person? More to come, I suppose! I'm so happy to share this wonderful line of Offspring products that are made with YOU in mind to bring you the highest quality and safest products for your family. I'm so blessed and grateful to be the one sharing it with you!

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