Easy DIY Toddler Sensory Bin Using Curbside Pick-Up Items

Easy DIY Toddler Sensory Bin Using Curbside Pick-Up Items

Mom-life is the busy life... it can feel like you're constantly working but never getting any work done. Or that you're constantly taking care of your kids but also feel like you're not doing enough for them. 

I feel better when I've found an easy DIY project for the kids. Seeing their enjoyment fills my cup and energizes me to see us enjoying more than just our usual daily routine! 

The quote "I'm more of an Amazon prime mom than a Pinterest mom" is so true with our busy schedules, so friends and I ordered sensory bins off Etsy and our kids loved them! We soon realized how easy it would be to make our own, but we also didn't want it to be too time consuming.

So I was able to make an easy DIY sensory bin of very affordable items that were all available to order curbside pickup from our local Target. And if yours doesn't have things for pick-up, they'll certainly be available to order online to avoid the trip out

This sensory bin container is perfect for storing and presenting the kit to your kiddo for them to work out of. The bottom is completely open, so larger items for a younger baby (non-choking hazard things) can be placed in that section to give to your baby. And the top section has separators for smaller items that toddlers can be trusted with. This made it the ideal container for a family with two kids under 4 like we have! 

Then you're free to fill the bin with any little trinkets you like. It can be items you find around your house, or you can use my shopping list for suggestions on what Target has available. I happened to feel inspired by the cute Valentine's themed items that are out right now, but you can create any theme you like!

Target Shopping List:

Stack & Carry Organizer

Craft Bucket: This is a bucket full of all kinds of sensory bin type items, and has enough items included that this could pass as the only item you buy if you're in a rush or trying to keep it simple!

Mini Skateboards

Rainbow Figures: This was a special larger-sized item for my 1 year old to have since my 3 year old was going to have many small items that would be considered choking hazards for the 1 year old. 

Felt Hearts

Confetti Hearts: These are large enough for the baby to shake to watch the confetti/sparkles move inside, but can break open! They also have a sticker back to them

Gel Hearts

Cupcake Cups: I took 1 of each color for the sensory bin, and then saved the rest for us to make Valentine's Day cupcakes another day! The dough will stick to these so they will be a one-time use if dough sticks to them. 

Ice Cream & Dinosaur Erasers

Whoa Dough: This may not be everyone's favorite "dough" - it's stretchier than play doh so you can also use whatever you have in stock or buy old fashioned play dough if you prefer it


Be sure to tag us on Instagram (@offspring.usa) if you make a sensory bin inspired by this post! My kids and I would love to see what you come up with! 

*links are not sponsored and no commission is made if you make a purchase - we are sharing for fun! Hope you enjoy :) 

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